I am so excited to share with you my new branding this month. I see that you read my newsletters – thank you! Stay tuned for my shiny new website that will launch next month:) This off season I have been super focused on elevating my presence and learning how to cater to my clients on a higher level. I am very curious to know what you are looking for in a broker? I have no expectations about getting back when I work with someone, my goal is always more about the experience and building relationships than doing a deal. Please never hesitate to reach out to me for anything- really- any. little. thing. It is my pleasure!

If I haven’t expressed to you in the past months – EVERYTHING is selling! Right now is THE time to sell your property in Crested Butte and The Gunnison Valley. The market is peaking and it won’t last forever. Projections are that the market will hold for a little while longer – this is your chance to capitalize on the current situation.

Active listings are at an all-time low, average Days on Market are under 100, list to sale price is almost 98%, and median sales prices are up by 40%! I can let you know what the value of your property is now, it doesn’t cost a thing and I am happy to do it for you!

Now, this does not mean that it isn’t time to buy…Have you seen what the interest rates are? Think about what it was when you purchased your property. Let me know if you would like my mortgage specialist to reach out to you to lower your payment or shorten your term. With the interest rates holding at all-time lows it is time to shop for that dream property – or income producing property that you may not have had the buying power to purchase in the past. Projections keep rates at these historic lows for all of 2021.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season – talk to you soon!

Best wishes,