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March 2021 Edition

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March 1,2021 by nikki pulitzer

Can you believe that it has almost been a full year since Covid-19 stopped the world?!?! This week Gunnison County moved to blue on the state dial. On our local coronameter system we continue to operate in the blue level, with a few changes.

What's new:
Last call for alcohol moved to 12AM | Group sports and kids camps up to 50 people | Gyms & fitness centers 50% occupancy or up to 100 | Outfitters and Guides up to 25 people or 50% occupancy | Restaurants 50% or up to 100 people | Travel quarantine recommendations dropped | Event sizes upped to 50 indoor and 100 outdoor

View the most recent update from the county for more detail HERE. Could it be true? Will normal life resume? I am so looking forward to a fun filled, action packed summer with Alpenglo and The Crested Butte Open, 4th of July Parade, Arts Fest, Film Fest - all of the summer fun that makes Crested Butte what it is! I can't wait to see you here!

Nikki P.

More interesting news from The Butte includes an update on the North Village, Mt. Crested Butte which has been in the development state for the past 2 years. It is a big change and it is definitely happening.
Read excerpts from the Crested Butte News article below.
There is a virtual Open House on March 11 that all are invited to participate in.

Update on the North Village, Mt. Crested Butte

[taken from Crested Butte News By Kendra Walker]

The vision for the 150-acre North Village parcel on the north end of Mt. Crested Butte is beginning to take more concrete shape, with the recent unveiling of a concept design that lays out the future neighborhood’s potential for community housing, commercial spaces, community amenities, parks and trails. North Village team’s overall goals for the project include: reducing the density; maintaining view sheds; providing gathering spaces; supporting RMBL’s vision for a new campus, visitors center and employee housing; creating an extensive and integrated tail system; and providing opportunities for publicly-driven spaces.

The design calls for one entrance road onto the site from Gothic Road near the current Fantasy Ranch stables, which would circulate through the site to flow with the natural topography and come back up to the property’s central high point, the village core.

The entrance accommodates for RMBL’s visitors center, a bus shelter, bus turnaround and space for a potential transit center.

The plan includes a variety of development, from single-family homes and residential clusters, RMBL housing, commercial buildings and hotels, to a village park.

Opportunities include additional affordable housing, a transit center, town hall, post office annex and a new Snodgrass trailhead and parking.

Trails are another critical piece to the plan, which includes everything from commuter trails to recreation trails to singletrack trails throughout the site that would connect over to Snodgrass and the town’s Parcel F property.

Phase One of the plan would establish the North Village entrance, RMBL facilities and some residential buildings.

Phase Two would establish the additional housing, commercial developments and a village park.

Phase Three rounding out the last portion of the core village and single-family homes.

The North Village team also proposed a land trade with the town, swapping out a portion of Parcel F for a portion in the North Village, in order for the design to best flow with site’s topography. The design also shows what Parcel F could look like with a multiuse field, parking and restroom/pavilion, which was one option the council has been considering for that land.

The design also reserves land for a potential water reservoir, in which Crested Butte Mountain Resort has an easement to its water rights for snowmaking.

The North Village team now plans to hold a virtual public open house for community input on March 11 at 5:30 p.m.

Click here for information regarding dial-up or login process for the webinar.

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